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GPU Render Farm "F1"




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Dear friends and colleagues!

We suggest using the services of our GPU Render farm F1. We have very low prices for 3D rendering, with high performance! If you find it cheaper, we will lower the price!

GTX 1080 Ti - 0.4$/h

for example 5 x 1080 Ti = 2$ server per hour

RTX 2080 Ti - 0.6$/h

for example 5 x 2080 Ti = 3$ server per hour

RTX 3080 - 0.85$/h

for example 4 x 3080 = 3,4$ server per hour

RTX 3080 Ti - 1$/h

for example 3 x 3080 Ti = 3$ server per hour

Terms of order fulfillment can be discussed individually!

Many professionals have been working with us for a long time, so join us!

 Compare the speed with other farms for free, with us you can greatly save your budget!

Often we lease our resources to other farms under a partnership agreement, and they, in fact, simply resell them to clients at their own rates. Do not overpay too much, work with us directly!

Install additional software if necessary!

For the convenience of work, remote access to the servers is provided.

You can use any method convenient for you to connect and download files.


If you find it difficult to calculate the required rendering time, you can make free tests.

People's GPU render farm "F1" - low prices and high speed. We work for people!



+7 965 513 07 74

+7 965 513 07 74






Our machines have fast non-reference video cards




LGA 2066 chipset x299



Intel® Core™ i9